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Personal Expense Snap Receipt

Is there an easy way to allocate a snap receipt as a personal receipt and keep it stored in QBO without registering as a business expense? I'm hoping for a simple way similar to milage tracking where you can choose personal or business.

Thank you.

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Personal Expense Snap Receipt

Thanks fr reaching out to us here today, @Css4.


I want to help you post your personal expense in the program, but I have an additional questions about this. Can you please confirm if you're using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-Employed? I need your confirmation as these 2 programs have different recording options. 


If you have QuickBooks Online, the system can only link a receipt to existing expenses on the program. Also, how did yo record the personal expense? I need this to help you further.


I'll be waiting for the additional information here in this thread. I'll be right here to assist you further. All the best.

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Personal Expense Snap Receipt

Hi @Jen_D, I am using QuickBooks Online.


At this stage the receipt hasn't been entered as an expense.

This particular receipt is for fuel and as we are not sure yet if we will need to use the logbook method or km rate for milage deductions I don't want it to show as an expense until we can determine this later.

We may not go over the 5000km threshold.


I know I can leave the receipt as unreviewed but was wondering if there is any other way of marking as personal temporarily or if there is another way of handling this that you could recommend?


Thank you for your help 😊

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Personal Expense Snap Receipt

Hello Css4,


Thanks for getting back to us. If you're using QuickBooks Online version, once you upload your receipts and bills to QuickBooks, you can review, edit, add or match them. Here's how:


  1. Click on the Bookkeeping or Banking tab.
  2. Click on Transactions, and then Receipts.
  3. In the For Review tab, you can select that transaction and can allocate it to a specific account like Personal expense or how you wanted to temporarily allocate it.
  4. Check the labels in the Action column for additional areas to fill out.

In QuickBooks Online version, we're unable to specifically mark it as a personal expense unlike the QuickBooks Self Employed version, you can select it as Personal or Business type. QuickBooks Online let's you assign specific account/category type once the transaction is in For review. And then, later on can edit the account/category assigned to the transaction.


If you're not able to locate the account you waned to set to the transaction you can add a new account in chart of accounts and name it like Personal expense - fuel.


You can check this article to learn more about Upload your receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online.


Post again in the Community if you have more questions. The team is here to help you!