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Quickbooks Online from Cashbook 2004

I'd love some advice please! I've been using Cashbook 2004 on my desktop since 2004. I'd like to convert to online using bank feeds with the ability to use my devices on the go. I run a small business (just me) selling goods online - no invoicing etc (sales income goes into PayPal and bank account) I need to allocate income and expenses in my bank account into personal and business.  And I also need to track income and expenses from the same bank accounts for two investment properties. What would be the best plan to use? I love my old Cashbook with its ability to create any category I need and report accordingly but I need to move online! Many thanks! 

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks Online from Cashbook 2004

You may consider QBO Plus to utilize the Class feature.


How do you sell your goods online? Do you sell them on marketplaces or else?


QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online from Cashbook 2004

Hi kimc2021,


Wow, 2004 seems like an eternity ago!


It's great that you're now thinking of moving to a cloud solution.


Bank Feeds are a standard feature in all QuickBooks Online subscriptions, so no matter which subscription you choose you will always have the ability to link up your bank account.


We support all the big banks as well as 20,000 other local and international banks so chances are whichever bank you use, we will have it available to connect to on the platform.


You are able to easily track invoices and expenses using the Sales Expenses tabs. QuickBooks Online also utilises a number of customisable Chart of Accounts (also known as Ledgers) where you can cateorgise & track transactions.


My advice would be to simply sign up for a 30-day trial and have a play around with it all! You won't know whether or not it's for you without having a go first!


You are able to sign up using this link here


Come back to us if you have any further questions.