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The new Connect with Square app is importing data to wrong accounts in QBO. HELP

Since the new Connect with Square app was introduced - the data imported from Square transactions is wrong.  


QBO technical support has told me that I need to manually fix every import in QBO - seriously?


I add a 1.6% tax to the sales total ( and I call it a 'card processing fee' ) since Square does not offer a surcharge setting'. When a transaction is sent from square to QBO via QBO's Connect with Square app in QBO, they are merging the amount of that 1.6% 'fee' into the Square fees.  So the account in QBO, which is for Square fees, is much higher than the actual square fees.  That 1.6% 'tax' should be going to the revenue account - not fees account.  Yet the other tax that is added - a 10% tax  for GST - is going correctly to the GST account in QBO!!!


Why is the system sending one tax to the correct account and not the other one, when they are both set us the same way???  Why is the system 'choosing' to incorporate one tax into fees and not the other??


So every transaction that comes across is unable to be matched in QBO because the revenue figures don't match as some of the revenue - the 1.6% fee - is being sent to the Square fees account.....


I have reached out to technical support and their answer so far is to manually fix every transaction that comes through.?????  Seriously - that's the answer?  


Can anyone help because after 3 weeks of going backwards and forward on this, QBO's technical support is not helping.


Thank you in advance.



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The new Connect with Square app is importing data to wrong accounts in QBO. HELP

Connect to Square app is freeware and offers only limited functionality. Consider having a 3rd party paid connector to reconcile your Square transactions.


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The new Connect with Square app is importing data to wrong accounts in QBO. HELP

Hi there,


Thanks for posting in the Community! I understand you're having fundamental issues with the transactions downloaded from your Square app to QuickBooks Online. This is not the experience we wanted to have our customers to have. Allow me to provide some information about the app integration.


The Sync with Square app is being replaced by Connect to Square app. And with the changes made to the app, I understand the feedback you have with doing the manual work. You'll have to check your Square app settings to verify you've mapped them to the correct account. Or it's best to contact the Square app support to get further information about the changes made.


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Click on the Apps tab.
  3. Click on Settings for Connect with Square app.
  4. Edit the Basic settings to change default bank and other accounts.
  5. Select Save changes.

To change the income account for the default square items:


  1. Click on Get paid  & pay, and click on products and services.
  2. In the Find products and services, search for Square item.
  3. Under the Action column, click on Edit.
  4. In the Income account drop-down menu, select the income account you want to record the sales to.
  5. Click on Save and close.


You can check the article for more detailed steps on how to Connect your Square account to QuickBooks Online.


Post again in the Community if you have more questions about QuickBooks Online!