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Ebay Managed Payments

Can someones explain the full process to record Ebay sales Invoice/Receipts in Quickbooks Online, as well as Ebay seller and postage fees as expenses?


I have intergrated my QBO with Ebay using OneSaas, as recommended. The problem is, there is no explanations as to how to match everything up once the Ebay transactions are synced.... I am unbel to get all of my accounts to balance correctly. The solution everyone is to create a "Clearing Account" but there is no explanation regarding the process.


From my research, EBay has stuffed a lot of people up with this new Managed Payment system.

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QuickBooks Team

Ebay Managed Payments

Hi BradGrove,


Thank you for putting this forward to us.


I would love to know more about what you meant by "matching everything up once eBay transactions are synced"


Usually, once you successfully get all of those eBay transactions to populate in your QuickBooks Online account, you are then able to categorise and account for them accordingly.


I have been looking on the OneSaaS support page for some clues and found a few relatable articles you can find here -


One in particular that you might want to check out is the eBay/QuickBooks Online Integration Guide here


Hope this helps! If you still require assistance with this, I would definitely recommend reaching out to our support team for some live help here




Level 2

Ebay Managed Payments

Hi Kristian,


I have already spoken with OneSaas support. They have stated that the issue is one for Quickbooks support to solve. Based on this response and other answers I have found, it seems that everyone is shifting the problem to someone else.


In regards to "matching everything up once EBay transactions are synced"..... i am unable to match the total of my invoice to a customer with the payment received from Ebay, as the Ebay seller fees are deducted before the funds are sent through. If a customer buys a product for $50, and I create an invoice, I am unable to match it with what I receive in the bank feed, as Ebay only pays me $45 ($5 in fees, which I am also unable to record as an expense as it doesnt exist.


The only go-around seems to be to do ignore the bank feed transactions, and record it all manually, but that defeats the purpose of having a bank feed in the first place.

QuickBooks Team

Ebay Managed Payments

Hey Brad,


Thanks for clearing that up a little bit!


We might be able to use another work-around that I know a few other users of QuickBooks have used before.


It mainly involves 2 steps: Creating an Expense Account and then Resolving the Difference into the newly created account.


For the complete set of steps on how to achieve this so you can give it a go, check it out here


I'm pretty sure if replicated correctly, this should be able to resolve your issue!



Level 2

Ebay Managed Payments

This solution wont work with a sale.


The software is not allowing this process to work, as I am receiving an error message when saving;


Something’s not quite right

The selected and downloaded transaction amounts don’t match. To continue, resolve the difference.

(refer to image attached)

QuickBooks Team

Ebay Managed Payments

I appreciate your time getting back here, BradGrove.


I've looked at the screenshot attached and found that you still have an amount difference when matching the transactions. This is why you're getting the "Something’s not quite right" error.


I'll share a different workaround on how you can match the transactions.


First, let's record the payment with the full amount. Then, make sure to select Undeposited Funds from the Deposit to drop-down.


Here's a sample screenshot on what the payment looks like:



Next, deposit the payment and add the charges.


Here's how:


  1. Go to + New > Bank deposit.
  2. Select the bank account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Put a check mark on the invoice.
  4. Under Add funds to this deposit section, add the charges.
  5. In the Amounts field, enter the fees as negative numbers.
  6. Click Save and close.

Please see this sample screenshot for reference:



Finally, go to the Banking page and click the Confirm button match the transactions. Please this see sample screenshot:



To learn more about the bank charges and matching transactions, you can read these articles:


Please let me know if you're able to match the transactions. I'll be right here to help you out some more. Take care and stay safe!

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Ebay Managed Payments


As another option, you should explore a paid connector to compare. It may automatically import eBay managed payments data into QBO and reconcile it in a couple of clicks