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Can you edit existing payslips

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QuickBooks Team

Can you edit existing payslips

Hi Fiona, yes you can do this. Try opening the payrun that you want to edit, Select payrun actions, unlock, (leave a comment about why you are reopening, if you like), make edits, and finalise the payrun again. Is that helpful?

Level 1

Can you edit existing payslips

This would be great advice if you started with how to actually find an existing payrun in Quickbooks. You can't search for it in the Search option. It's not in the menu. The only option is to add a payrun. Can you direct me to how to find an existing payrun?

Jess H

Can you edit existing payslips

Hi KLBluesky



Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble finding the existing Pay Runs; you can find them in the Employees tab, here's how:


1. Select Employees from the left-hand menu  

2. Select Pay Runs, it is the second header within the Employees tab.


There you can filter by finalised or unfinalised, as well as pay schedule. Select the Pay Run you wish to edit from this screen.


Learn more about Pay Runs here: Pay run - Setup and Processing [Video]


I hope this answers your question!


Josephine Ola
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Can you edit existing payslips

I cannot see the employee option down the left there is dashboard, transaction, expenses, sales, cashflow, payroll, reports, taxes, millage, accounting, my accountant and apps.

Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Can you edit existing payslips

Hi Josephine, 


Just to double check, when you select the Payroll option you mentioned you see on the left-hand side menu, does it take you to your payroll system. If you could try this for us please. 






Level 1

Can you edit existing payslips

I had the same issue.

QuickBooks Team

Can you edit existing payslips

Hi everyone!


Just wanted to put my two cents in to see if I can clear things up for anyone following this thread.


To edit existing payslips, we do this by going into the specific pay run in which the payslips derive from and making changes from there.


To do this, go to the Employees tab on the left hand side menu (this can sometimes be hidden, try clicking on the symbol that has the 3 horizontal lines located at the top left of the screen).


Then go to the Pay Runs tab and select the specific pay run you are looking to edit.


Once in the pay run, you are able to make all the necessary changes. If the Pay Run is locked, you are able to unlock it to make the changes.


When you are happy with the result, you are able to select the green Finalise button which will lock in the payroll data and send the payslips at your desire.


Hope this helps!




Level 1

Can you edit existing payslips

I am having the same issue but was able to found the existing payrun by going to Employees >> Pay Runs within the Employees tab.


Can you edit existing payslips

Hi Sarim,
Glad to hear you've found your pay runs through Employees tab. You can check your pay runs through Pay runs tab after clicking on Employees tab in QuickBooks Online. After selecting the specific pay run, you can unlock the pay run by clicking on Pay run Actions.
If you've submitted automated super payments for the pay run, you're unable to unlock the pay run. Instead, create an Adhoc Pay Run for the corrections.
If you're unable to access your Employees tab, you'll have to check your browsers settings and make sure enable cookies are turned off.
For Google Chrome:
  1. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner.
  2. Click on Settings, and then click on Advance.
  3. Click Privacy and security, and select Content Settings.
  4. Click on Cookies, and Turn off Block third party cookies.


For Safari:
  1. Click Safari menu and then, click Preferences.
  2. Click on Privacy, and ensure Prevent cross-site tracking is not selected.
  3. Click Block Cookies and set to Never.


Then, refresh your browser and access your Employees tab or QuickBooks Online once more.


Feel free to drop a comment below if you need more help. Have a nice day!

Level 1

Can you edit existing payslips

No, it is not legal to alter your pay stub. But you have the option of doing something different. You can discuss your salary issue with the Pay office.

for online salary pay slip: PIFRA Registration