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How do I process annual leave at half pay

We have an employee that needs to take extended leave and will use his annual leave and personal leave at half pay. I can't seem to get this to work so the leave is still calculated correctly. can anyone assist please?

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How do I process annual leave at half pay



Thanks for posting in the Community! You can enter leave via pay run and select the leave category you would like to use and the number of hours, days or weeks required.


Here's how:


  1. Open or create a pay run.
  2. Click on the employee name to expand details.
  3. Select Actions and choose Take Leave.
  4. Select the Leave Category, enter the Hours Taken.
  5. Select Save.


To view the current leave balance of an employee, you can click on the Leave Balances button.


You can check on this article for more detailed information: How to create and manage leave requests.


Message us back if you have any other questions. I'll be around to help. 

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How do I process annual leave at half pay

Thank you. Yes I understand how to process annual leave and personal leave but how do I process it at half pay. Or is the only option just to choose half of the normal hours worked when I select the leave?

thank you

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How do I process annual leave at half pay

Thanks for getting back to us, DebYJBJ.


You can edit the number of hours the employee works in the Pay Run. Let me guide you how to do it.


  1. Click the New Pay Run button or open the unfinalised pay run.
  2. Enter your pay run details like pay schedule, pay period ending date and pay date.
  3. From the employee earnings, edit the HOURS field and manually change the hours worked.
  4. Click on Save.

Then, finalise the pay run when you're ready and the lodge the pay event to the ATO.


Let me know how you go. Feel free to reply to this thread if you have more questions. I'm just around to help you!


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How do I process annual leave at half pay

I have the same question as above regarding processing Annual Leave at half pay.  According to Fair Work Australia an employee should still accrue annual leave at the full entitlement (equivalent to taking the leave at full pay) while on half pay annual leave.  I was going to just pay half the hours as above but this wont accrue the correct amount of leave hours.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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How do I process annual leave at half pay

Hi Louis11,


The leave accruals of an employee is based on how you've set up the leave category and the employee's leave allowances. You can check the settings using the steps below:


  1. Click on the Payroll settings.
  2. Click on Leave Categories.
  3. Select the leave category name.
  4. Check the Employee leave balance and Standard allowance set up.

To check the employees leave allowances:


  1. Click on the Employee list.
  2. Click on the employee name.
  3. Click on Leave Allowances.
  4. Check the leave Units, Unit type and Accrues field.


If all settings is correct, you can enter a specific number of hours you wanted to pay the employee's leave when processing the pay run.


If you need further help with processing the leave taken at half pay, I would recommend contacting directly our Customer Care Team. That way, they can initiate screen sharing and check the pay run in a secure form.


Feel free to post again in the Community if you have further concerns. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Have a great rest of the day!