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Zac Product Champion
Level 3

Is there a report that shows me the PAYG Witholdings for my employees?

In order to check the PAYG Withholding amounts for employees, you can access the Detailed Activity Report from the Employees section in order to compare the values in detail.


1. Go to the Employees tab on the left hand side of the page.
2. Click on Reports, then find the Detailed Activity Report under the Payroll column.
3. Set the date range for the time period that you want to confirm the PAYG figures for.
4. Click on Run Report, and then look under the PAYG column in order to confirm the PAYG values per employee.


Note: When comparing the PAYG values to the amounts in the QuickBooks GST Centre, note that any STSL values will be included in the BAS W2 amounts.