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Payroll and BAS Issues

I have to say that my experience with QB is at best troublesome and at worst words fail me.

I have recently ended yet another 2 + hrs chat with no confidence that my accts are correct.
In fact, they are not correct.

I seem to have persistent issues with payroll leaving me little confidence that my BAS is correct or anything else.

My most recent issue is that one of my recent payrolls does not show correctly

my accounts between QB and my Westpac acct currently match. If I match transactions under Banking for review
I have an imbalance of $12140.00

I appear to have big differences between Expenses and Sales of around $20k the wrong way $5k of this might be the ATO Cash boost stimulus.

It appears that when I have a long chat and come up with what appears to be a solution for one issue it unknowingly creates another issue. I then have a subsequent chat, things get changed again.
I do the same procedure on the next payroll then weeks later the same or different issue occurs.

I have paid to get a bookkeeper to go thru things and solve issues then I find weeks down the track they reoccur.

I think my most recent chat just highlighted issues that she wasn't able to fix and just kept referring to talk to my accountant can't fix their software.
My accountant doesn't use QB that's why I engaged a bookkeeper that does.

Some issues appear to have persisted since the change over from MYOB.

Can I have an actual phone conversation with an expert whilst using smart look so that I can highlight the issues and they can then go away sort out the problems and then show me what they have done?

I used MYOB for 13+ yrs and have never had the number of issues that I have coming over to QB.

Also, can you get QB to be able to print the content of a  Bill

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Level 1

Payroll and BAS Issues


This how I assume QB and payroll works.

I am sure that my pay runs are set up correctly and I lodge the pay run using stp as far as I know all is correct at this point.

When I used MYOB I would then create an expense for each individual employee on that pay run and pay them from the one and only physical bank acct.

I have attempted to do the same with QB.

I can easily tell If my books do not balance from the dashboard ie General Cheque Acct, Bank Balance and In QuickBooks.

If I have one of these very long chats about trying to correct an imbalance they concentrate on getting the two figures to balance then later I find out that something else doesn't.

I thought we had figured out that when I created the expense for the payroll I needed to select my General Cheque Acct as my payment acct and then under category select the General check acct. This came about after notifying the chat that I physically only have one bank acct where all debits and credits go thru. subsequent chats have said this is wrong I need to use a payroll acct.

There may be an issue here as with the change over from MYOB there are now multiple payroll and wages accts.

My issue right now is that my balances are correct but I have two transactions for review my two employees salaries which will put everything out.

If I go to my list of expense transactions and the associated entries for each of the last 3 or 4 pay runs are different.  The most recent has two entries for each employee one saying that under the category is General Cheque Acct and the other is Payroll Clearing. Obviously a double entry with different categories selected.

This where I left my last chat very frustrated.

The previous pay run I had no problems and I have one entry for each employee each being general cheque acct and when viewing the actual expense both payment acct and category are General Cheque acct

The pay run done even earlier under category has shareholders loan acct and all previous pay runs have this going back beyond Nov Dec 2019 when the change over from MYOB occured.

The previous pay run

Level 1

Payroll and BAS Issues

I am now stuck with if I delete one of the doubled up entries my balances are out if I don't then I have two items for review

Kass_B - Product Champion
Content Creator

Payroll and BAS Issues

Hi Rognik39,


I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have experienced. Our Support Team is here to help and you can contact them by phone directly on 1800 046 038 if you would like to do a screenshare with them and discuss the problems in more detail. Support can provide information on how to use QuickBooks Online to achieve the goals required, explain how the software works when it comes to recording your transactions and troubleshoot any technical errors you may see - however, we are not accountants and are unable to advise where errors are specific to your books.


As an example, if you believe there is a discrepancy between your Expenses and Sales a representative from our Support Team can certainly guide you in running/customising reports dependent on the scenario to assist you in locating this discrepancy. Once you have located this and know specifically what you would like to change, the representative will be more than happy to walk you through how to record this transaction in QuickBooks Online. However, they are not familiar with your books and would be unable to review your information independently and tell you where a discrepancy may lie or give you advice on your books - this is why in some scenarios you will be referred to your accountant or bookkeeper. I note you mentioned you have a bookkeeper that uses QuickBooks Online - you can also search for a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor in your area should you choose. I have tried to briefly summarise your queries below regarding bills and payroll but again feel free to reach out via phone to have a representative talk through this with you:



Regarding your question on printing Bills - you are currently unable to print bills entered into QuickBooks Online. A Bill is a record of money owed to a Supplier and typically the detailed bill itself is provided to you by the supplier; QuickBooks then records the details that you have entered from that document. When recording your Bill Payments, you can send or print these for remittance advice. I can certainly pass this on as a request for product enhancement to be considered in a future update however. If you have feedback for product improvement ideas to help us improve your experience while using QuickBooks Online, please feel free to log in, go to the Settings icon and click Feedback to submit this.


Regarding your payroll - when you create a pay run and finalise it, a journal is automatically created that exports from payroll to QuickBooks Online. This journal normally records to a Payroll Clearing account by default, although it is up to you if you would like to change that. If you then have a bank feed connected, you do not need to manually create an expense in QBO to represent the wages. Rather, when you have paid the employees and the transaction comes through your feed, you then Add that transaction to the account where the journal sits (eg the Payroll Clearing). This creates the expense for you and offsets the pay run journal. If you are manually creating an expense first, you need to be sure you are Matching that expense to the transaction through your feed. Otherwise, you will end up with duplicate entries as everything that you Add from the feed creates its own entry as well. If you prefer to record wages differently this is of course completely up to you, what I have outlined is the basic 'default' process for payroll in QBO. 







Level 1

Payroll and BAS Issues



I would just like to make a public thanks you to Mary Beth who has been very patient and understanding over a 2 hr phone call. 

We found various errors not sure who made them or they were from the MYOB data transfer

I am now more confident with QB



QuickBooks Team

Payroll and BAS Issues

Hi Rognik39,


Thank you for the fantastic feedback, we are glad Mary Beth was able to assist you with resolving your enquiry and that you are now feeling more confident using Quickbooks Online. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if any further assistance is required, we are always happy to assist. 



- Rebecca