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Payrun payments not showing in account to reconcile?

Hi, we are reconciling our accounts and there are 2 payruns that have not automatically entered the payments etc into the account as a transaction. Can someone please let me know what the steps are to either   click something so it re-enters or the steps to manually add in all the transactions (whatever they are, I am not sure, I assume its the wages payments, super, payg etc. 

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Kass_B - Product Champion
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Payrun payments not showing in account to reconcile?



Are you referring to the payrun journals that post to your Payroll Clearing account when you finalise a payrun, or the entry in your bank account showing the actual wages paid? If the payrun journals themselves are missing, try unlocking and refinalising the relevant payruns to export them to QuickBooks:


  1. Go to the Employees tab, then Pay Runs.
  2. Locate the correct pay period. If it says 'Not Finalised', click the pay period to open the payrun and select 'Finalise Pay Run'.
  3. Otherwise, click on the pay period to open the payrun. Select 'Pay Run Actions', then 'Unlock'. Then, select 'Finalise Pay Run'. 
  4. This should export the journals across - check your Payroll Clearing account to confirm.


If the entry from the bank showing the wages paid is missing, you may need to check a couple of different things. If you have bank feeds set up, check the 'For Review' and 'Excluded' sections to ensure the transaction isn't sitting here. If it has been excluded by mistake, simply click 'Undo' to bring it back to be added to your books. Otherwise, you can create a manual entry with a journal entry


Feel free to reply if you have further questions as I'm here to help. You can also contact our Support team directly on 1800 046 038 for assistance.




Level 1

Payrun payments not showing in account to reconcile?



I too am having same issue,  that is the payrun is not showing up in the banking. I can see the 2 x transactions of the money leaving the account, however nothing to match it to and the pay runs say finalized?

Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Payrun payments not showing in account to reconcile?

Hi bronwynnagy, 


If your For Review tab is not lighting up a match automatically it would best to check that payroll wage expense is linked to the bank account. This can be checked by going into your Payroll Clearing account, or the account you have assigned to receive payroll journals to check the two payroll journals.


  1. Select the Accounting tab
  2. Select Chart of Accounts
  3. Select your Payroll Clearing or relevant account for your payroll journals.
  4. Select the relevant payroll journal for the period, then select Edit please. This will open the journal's details.
  5. Check that the current wage expense is debited from the correct bank account. 


If the amounts in your bank feed are the same amount as the payroll journal it should flag a match. If you get stuck with any of these steps please get in touch with our friendly support staff by clicking here.


Hope this helps,