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Anthony James - Product Champion
Level 3

STP Error 11 - Reached Retry Limit

Error 11 - Reached Retry Limit: There is a limit on the number of retries the system will allow before giving up and applying a Failed status to an STP event. When a pay event fails due to the the retry limit being reached, the support team will need to reset the message ID on the event before it can be submitted again.

We have had a spate of these lately, the ATO's system seems to ignore pay events that contain an employee with no employment type.

Basic troubleshooting to perform:
* Clearing cache and cookies.
* Changing of browsers and utilising of Private Browsers or Incognito.
* Deleting the pay event and lodging again a pay event.
* Lodging an updated event.
* Making sure all employees have Employment Type setup in the Tax File Declaration.


You can use the Employee Details Report to search which employee has no employment type setup rather than checking individuals.


Please take note that STP Lodgements take 24-72 Hours - ATO's protocol. When you have lodged an Updated Event after exhausting the basic troubleshooting but still issue occurs even after 72 hours, reach out to Support for further assistance via Chat or Call.