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Why are earnings line not showing up for an employee

I went to do a pay run and one of my employees does not have any earnings lines showing up under them.

I have checked and saved the pay run defaults and they are still not showing in the pay run.


Why would this be and how do I fix it?

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Why are earnings line not showing up for an employee

Hi teagan1,


Let me share with you how to show your employee's primary pay category automatically in the pay run.


  1. Go to the Employees or Payroll tab.
  2. Click on the employee's name.
  3. Select Pay Rates.
  4. If you would like a pay category to automatically be included in a pay run, tick the Show in Pay Run box.
  5. Select Save.


For the changes to apply on an unfinalised pay run, you may need to delete the pay run first and create a new one. 


You can check this article for your future reference: How to update employee pay rates


Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any other questions, we're here to help. Have a great day!