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Invoice Synching to Xero is taking ages

Hi all,


We have been using Quickbooks Time to synch invoices to Xero for two years and in the last two week sit is now taking about 2 minutes between each invoice for it to synch to Xero.  Is anyone having this issue and resolved the problem?


I have called Quickbooks and they have lodged a query but we have 65 invoices a week to do so it is now taking 3 x the amount of time and is just not sustainable.  Maybe we have outgrown Quickbooks Time

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Invoice Synching to Xero is taking ages

Thank you for posting in the Community, CAZZY52!


There's no reported product investigation at the moment when it comes to delays in syncing invoices from QuickBooks Time to Xero. It's good to know you were able to contact our Customer Care Team about the unexpected behavior you've encountered. That way one of our experts can further check with our product team to isolate the situation.


In the meantime, have you tried using an incognito (in private) window when trying to import your invoice to Xero?  A private browser does not save any activities, which is why it's a good start to use it for any unexpected behavior in the program.


Here's  how:


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: press Command + Shift + N


If you're able to import the invoices without delay, then go back to your default browser and clear your browser's cache.


Also, you can check the following article to learn more about system requirements and supported browsers: System requirements for QuickBooks Online, Accountant, Payroll, and QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Post again in the Community if you need more help. I'll be around to help you.