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What you need to know about the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR).

What is TPAR?


TPAR, or the Taxable Payments Annual Report, is a report due to the ATO annually. It helps the ATO improve tax obligation compliance by identifying paid contractors who have not lodged tax returns or have not reported all their income in their tax returns.


When is TPAR due?


TPAR is due by August 28 every year. 


What types of businesses need to submit TPAR? 


Historically, TPAR has been a report specific to the building and construction services industry, and to businesses of a mixed nature that may include work in the building and construction services industry. 


Businesses providing cleaning services for contractor payments and courier services for contractor payments from July 1 2018 may be required to complete and submit their first TPAR by  August 28 2019. Find out if your business will be required to submit a TPAR this year. 


Businesses providing road freight services for contractor payments, information technology (IT) services for contractor payments, and security, investigation or surveillance services for contractor payments from July 1 2019 may be required to complete and submit their first TPAR by August 28, 2020.


I am a mixed services business - how do I know if I need to submit TPAR? 


According to the ATO, if your business provides one or more of the relevant services listed above, you may need to lodge a TPAR. If the total payments are 0% or more of your GST turnover or the bulk of your business is in the building and construction industry you must lodge a TPAR. Note, all businesses have a GST turnover, regardless of whether or not they are registered for GST. 


For more information on whether or not your mixed services business will need to submit a TPAR please refer to this article from the ATO. 


How do I run TPAR through QuickBooks Online? 


First, you will need to make sure that TPAR is turned on for your QuickBooks Online file. Learn how to activate the TPAR and turn on the ability to add a supplier to your TPAR.


Once activated, you can run the TPAR in four easy steps:

  1. Select Reports in the left hand navigation bar
  2. Select All Reports and then Manage Taxes
  3. Select Taxable Payments Annual Report
  4. Ensure the Transaction Date/Report Period is correct and then select Run Report


Note: It is very important to check that all the details in the report are correct, including address punctuation, to meet the validation checks run by the ATO when lodging. 


Not sure how to add a supplier to your TPAR? Here is a helpful guide


How do I lodge TPAR to the ATO?


Once you have run the TPAR you will need to download it from your QuickBooks Online file and lodge it through the ATO business portal. Learn more about lodging your TPAR online with the ATO.