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Work In Progress

Is there a way to create a custom report so it shows all your work in progress? 

we use the projects feature for all our jobs, we have them as either 'completed' or 'in progress'

I want to create a report that shows all my 'in progress' jobs to see whats paid and whats owed.


is this possible?

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QuickBooks Team

Work In Progress

Hi CristianS56,


Unfortunately there is no way to create a fully customised report the way that you're looking to do it.


The only ones available reports at this current moment are:

  1. Project Profitability Report
  2. Time Cost by Employee or Supplier Report
  3. Unbilled Time & Expenses Report

 Within each of these specific reports, you are able to go in there and customise what's available if you haven't already.





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Work In Progress

thanks for the reply - not quite the one I was looking for, but ill use that info and see what we can do.



Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Consider having a project management app to integrate with QBO.

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Work In Progress

yeah, we are getting BQ Core for architects in 6-8 weeks, just hoped to have something to use in the meantime.