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Pro Tax frequently asked questions

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

Learn more about Pro Tax and how it works.

Can I file a return for my own firm?

Yes, you can create a return from scratch to file for your own firm. To do this however you will need to add your firm as a client within your QuickBooks Online Accountant. There is no connection between your firm’s QuickBooks Online and Pro Tax at this time.

What forms are available in Pro Tax?

Note that we are adding new forms regularly:

Select here to see available T1 forms
Select here to see available T2 forms
Select here to see available T3 forms
Select here to see available FX forms

Which tax years are supported by Pro Tax?

For T1: 2018 and later are supported
For T2: Tax years starting from 01/01/2015 to an end date of 05/31 of the current fiscal year are supported.
For T3: 2020 and later are supported.
For FX: 2022 and later are supported.

Is Pro Tax free to use?

Please review our Pro Tax billing FAQ for details on this question.

How much does Pro Tax cost?

Please review our Pro Tax billing FAQ for details on this question.

How do I purchase a Pro Tax subscription?

Please review our Pro Tax billing FAQ for details on this question.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Please review our Pro Tax billing FAQ for details on this question.

How many tax returns are supported?

Pro Tax users can transmit unlimited tax returns. If you opt-out or cancel your subscription, you may lose certain access.

You can also use the OnePay option for a single return (available in T1, T2, and T3).

Review our support article on purchasing a single return in ProTax with OnePay.

Can I paper file T1, T2, T3, or FX  returns with Pro Tax?

Paper file is an option for Tax Year 2020 and onwards for T1.
Paper file is not available for T2 at this time.
Paper file is available for 2020, 2021, and 2022 T3s at this time.
Paper file is only available for T3010s at this time.

Can multiple users make changes to the same tax file concurrently?

Currently there are no restrictions on multiple users making changes to the same file concurrently. However, it is not recommended that more than one preparer works on a return at one time, as one could be working on outdated information as the other is updating forms with new information.

Are letters, templates, database, reporting, and invoicing supported in Pro Tax?

We recently launched client letters for Pro Tax. Click here to review the client letters support article.

Is there a tax expert community where I can post questions?

You can post Pro Tax questions in our Accountant support community here.

Is Rac linking supported in Pro Tax for T2?

Rac forms are available in Pro Tax for T2. However, Rac linking between corporate returns is not supported at this time. Information must be updated manually on the different corporate returns.

Does Pro Tax have T2 short forms available?

No, it is recommended to EFILE the return from CRA. It is safe, convenient, and faster than paper filing.
Click here to view a fillable T2 short form and learn more.

How is a Nil T2 return filed?

Undertake the following:

  1. Complete all pending auditor messages and leave statements blank.
  2. Sign-off any pending messages.
  3. EFILE the return.

If the corporation is also inactive, answer the Is the incorporation inactive? question in the affirmative on the Info page prior to EFILE.

Is Quebec EFILE currently supported for personal (TP1) and corporate returns (CO-17)?

Not at this time.

Is Alberta AT1 Netfile support for corporate return provided?

Yes. It is supported with tax years starting 2018/01/01.

How do I get to Workpapers?

Access your client’s QuickBooks Online account or select Workpapers from the toolbox drop-down menu in the top-left corner. You can also access Workpapers in your client's file by selecting Books to Tax from the left-side navigation menu.

Learn more about Workpapers

What is happening to ProFile?

ProFile remains an important product in the Intuit ecosystem and will continue to be supported.

Can my clients do their own returns in Pro Tax?

No, Pro Tax is a professional tax solution in QuickBooks Online Accountant. Only your firm has access to their return in the tool.

Can I create and file a T2125 Statement of Business or Professional Activities form?

Yes. From Workpapers, select the edit pencil next to T1 or T2 and choose T2125.

What happens to the data of clients after the accountant has filed?

ou can still view your returns and data without issue.

Where can I get the latest updates on Pro Tax?

Click here to see the Pro Tax release notes

I have Pro Tax feedback. Who do I send that to?

Click here to give your feedback

Where can I learn more about Pro Tax?

General information on the Pro Tax website
Pro Tax T1 webinar
Pro Tax T2 webinar

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