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Year-end Workpapers

Clear and concise data moving into tax.

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Efficient year-end adjustments and analysis

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Efficient workflow

Work directly in your client’s books without using extra tools. There’s no need to export, you’re only one click away from your workflow.

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Reduce manual entry

GIFI Mapping pre-populates account balances to specific GIFI tax codes and you can make multiple adjustments in the books at once.

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Preserve peace of mind

Your progress is automatically saved and backed up so your numbers are preserved while working in the client’s file.

Simplify your year-end

Pro Tax T2: File corporate returns from QuickBooks

File faster online!

Now there’s a way to file Federal T2 returns directly from QuickBooks Online Accountant. You can go from the Workpapers straight into preparing the return on a Mac or PC.

Core federal forms are available now with additional forms and functionality coming soon!

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File tax returns with the tried and true: ProFile

You can export the GIFI codes in Workpapers to ProFile, saving you manual entry and simplifying your workflow. A single install of ProFile gives you access to all years and modules and the real-time auditor highlights potential errors as you work. Other features include:

  • File a group of corporations easily with Corporate Linking
  • CRA tools built in like AFR and ReFILE
  • Switch ProFile between computers using one license
  • Forms for all of Canada 
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