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Comprehensive payroll software for your clients

A streamlined solution to run payroll, track time, and access HR services.

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Convenience and integration are built right in

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Easy to add

Once your clients are set up in QuickBooks Online, you can add QuickBooks Payroll in just a few clicks.

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Increased efficiency

Automation and centralized data means less time to get things done and fewer errors in the numbers.

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Integrated solution

By doing more through QuickBooks, your client’s data lives under one roof and stays synced in real-time.

Powerful payroll solutions, all in one place

Whether you handle payroll, or your clients like to be hands on, QuickBooks Payroll covers all the bases.

Automate payroll
Choose pay schedules and frequencies and set payroll to run automatically.**

Fast payroll direct deposit
Ensure employees get paid on time with two-day or as fast as next-day payroll deposit plans.**

File taxes in a flash
Electronically file and remit payroll taxes with the CRA or Revenu Québec, right in QuickBooks.**

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Time tracking that pays off
Account for every billable hour with time tracking seamlessly integrated with payroll.****

Easy access for employees
Teams can access digital pay stubs, year-end forms, time tracking, and more—right from their browser or mobile app.**

Simplify year-end forms
We calculate and fill out T4 and RL-1 forms, so they’re ready to file when you or your client needs to.**

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Plans for every kind of business

Get 30% off QuickBooks Payroll Premium or Elite base fee and 15% off* employee fee for duration of subscription (with wholesale billing) or 12 months (with direct billing).

Payroll Core

Payroll Premium
Payroll Elite

Features vary and may be available in English only.

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Seamless collaborations

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We offer a group retirement plan through our collaboration with Common Wealth that seamlessly integrates with your client’s payroll.**

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HR services

Your clients can stay compliant and organized with HR templates, policies, and support through our collaboration with HRdownloads.**

Haven Bookkeeping’s success story

“I couldn’t grow my company the way I have without QuickBooks Payroll. It’s smooth and seamless, and always provides me with the most up-to-date information.”

– Eva Fehr, owner of Haven Bookkeeping

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