Practice Management

Manage projects, tasks, and clients together

Get the visibility to manage your team’s workflow

Keep your work on track from start to finish

Recurring projects & reminders

Create repeat projects for recurring work and set reminders for time sensitive tasks.


Track project status at a glance

See exactly what’s due, when, and what’s coming next. Check progress in real time and you can filter by client or assignee.


Assign tasks efficiently

Create overall projects, split them into smaller tasks and assign them to yourself or team members.


Improve visibility

Filter your view by client or assignee to better assign tasks and projects. Edit project details and see client notifications from the dashboard.

One central location for every client

Keep everyone on track with Slack

Improve team communication


When you connect Slack, your team members will receive Slack messages for any due date reminders, new assignments, and changes to projects in Practice Management.  



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