Spend less time on manual entry

Get the data in so you can get your work done

Data comes to you

Connect a Bank Feed or an app to automate the collection of bank transactions, statements, receipts, and more.

Let statements come to you

No more chasing clients for statements every month. Bank statements automatically import into QuickBooks Online and attach to the bank reconciliation.

Automatic sorting

As you track bills and reconcile transactions more, the system will recognize recurring items, saving you even more time

Handle bank transactions effortlessly

Time savings you can bank on


Connect to your client’s bank accounts to automatically download bank and credit card transactions nightly.


Then, you can set up rules in QuickBooks for exactly how transactions are treated, and the system will categorize them for you.

Connect Bank Feeds from inside the product.

Connect now

Apps that automate and standardize data entry

Ditch the shoebox

Your clients just need to take a picture of an invoice or receipt, ReceiptBank reads the information and automatically publishes it in QuickBooks as a transaction.


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Fetch bank statements

Set a schedule to pull statements from banks and credit unions with Bank Fetching. Upload accounting docs in a variety of ways to create a bill, invoice, or expense in QuickBooks Online.


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Effortless input

Scan, snap or email a copy of the bill, invoice, expense, receipt, or document to AutoEntry where it extracts the data and inputs the transaction directly into QuickBooks Online. .


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Automate AR/AP

This payment platform makes it easy for businesses to send and collect payments for their payables and receivables. Plooto sends the bills & records the transaction in QuickBooks.


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“…the time to reconcile client bank statements has dropped from 1 hour to less than 10 seconds.”


Tanis Young

President, Maven Bookkeeping Inc.

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