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File Federal T1 & T2 returns from QuickBooks Online Accountant

The link between online accounting and filing returns

The team behind ProFile’s 19+ tax seasons in Canada have bridged the gap between online accounting and filing returns.

Pro Tax is built right into QuickBooks Online Accountant so you have one place to manage the books, run reports, and file tax returns.

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Pro Tax T1 & T2 taxes in the cloud

The future of tax is online

With Pro Tax, you have a new way to take on tax season. Your firm can access Pro Tax from any computer and start saving time by bringing the GIFI data directly from QuickBooks Online. Plus, with reliable calculations and an intuitive design you can start filing faster right away.

Pro Tax gives you a competitive edge:

  • Cloud-based, access anywhere
  • Priced for your firm, not your computer
  • Easy to use and onboard staff
  • Mac or PC
  • One login for books & tax
  • Built on the ProFile tax engine
  • Secure data movements
  • Unlimited returns
  • The forms you need
  • Carry forward your data from ProFile and TaxCycle
  • ProFile import and export


Please note: Québec forms are not supported in Pro Tax at this time.

Pro Tax T1


Introductory price*

Unlimited T1 returns

Access for all firm members

Cloud T1 tax preparation

Built-in auditor

CRA Auto-Fill My Return

Express Notice of Assessment

250+ T1 forms and growing


Pro Tax T2



Unlimited T2 returns

Access for all firm members

Cloud T2 tax preparation

Built-in auditor

CRA Auto-Fill My Return

Year-over-year carryforward

200+ T2 forms and growing

GIFI import

Streamline your accounting prep & tax work

Access from a Mac or PC

E-file from wherever you’re connected, you don’t need the hard file to transfer or share files.

Safe, secure, and CRA certified

Encrypted with bank-level security and daily backups. There’s no hardware to install or update.

Reliable calculations

Powered by the same engine as ProFile, you have 19+ tax seasons backing you.

Prevent EFILE delays

The Active Auditor marks issues as you work and consolidates warnings, sign-offs and issues for easy reviewing.

Easy to onboard

Intuitive design and anywhere access enables seasonal workers and remove workers.

Accountants’ eyes only

Reviewed data is locked so only those in your firm can see it.

T1 is open! Bring personal tax season online

Take the next step towards taxes in the cloud


  • EFILE common T1 returns

    You’re prepared for common personal returns with over 88 forms available including spousal. See full list

  • Auto-Fill-Return workflow

    T1 AFR fills the return and summary, saving you time and reducing human error.


    You can show clients where they stand right away and file corrections with the CRA if necessary.

  • T1 export to ProFile

    You can export T1 returns to ProFile so you always have a way forward.

Seamless books to T2 experience

Handle virtually every tax scenario in Canada with ProFile

Canada’s #1 best-selling tax software.


  • Flexible licensing

    Switch between computers using the same license at no additional cost.

  • One install

    A single install gives access to all years and modules.

  • CRA tools built-in

    Auto-fill My Return, ReFile, Pre-authorized Debits, and Express Notice of Assessment.

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