Accountants reviewing tax reports

Use Intuit Sign for Pro Tax with tax forms

Intuit Sign for Pro Tax is compatible with T1, T2 and T3 modules

T1: Personal Tax

  • T183
  • AuthRep/AuthRepCancel signature page (formerly T1013)
  • AuthRepBus/AuthRepBusCancel signature page (formerly RC59/RC59X)
  • T185
  • T1032
  • T1135
  • T2091
  • T1255
  • T1-ADJ T1
  • T1A
  • RC-71
  • T2200
  • T2200/S

T2: Corporate

  • T183CORP
  • AuthRepBus/AuthRepBusCancel signature page (formerly RC59/RC59X)

  • T1134
  • T1135
  • T2054
  • AT1

T3: Trust

  • AUT-01 - Consent form
  • T183 - Information Return for the electronic filing of Trust Return
  • T3 - T3 trust income and information return
  • T1135 - Foreign income verification statement
  • T3APP - Application for Trust Account Number
  • T3Adj - T3 adjustment request
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