Pro Tax Release Notes


July 13, 2019


Share return

Share the return from the Return Actions menu in Pro Tax T2.


8 new T2 forms

  • S381 – Manitoba Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit
    S385 – Manitoba Odour-Control Tax Credit
    S390 – Manitoba Cooperative Development Tax Credit
    S22 – Non-Resident Discretionary Trust
    S29 – Payments to Non-Residents
    S97 – Additional Information On Non-Resident Corporations In Canada
    S341 – Nova Scotia Corporate Tax Reduction for New Small Businesses
    S440 – Yukon Manufacturing and Processing Profits Tax Credit


June 27, 2019


47 new T2 forms

  • S89 (CDA) – Capital dividends account
  • Political – Political contributions
  • RC59X – Cancel Business Consent or Delegated Authority
  • RC59XEFILE – Cancel authorization – signature page
  • RC59EFILE – Authorization request – signature page
  • RC59 – Business Consent Form
  • S16 – Patronage Dividend Deduction
  • S17 – Credit Union Deductions
  • S18 – Federal and Provincial or Territorial Capital Gains Refund
  • S91 – Information Concerning Claims for Treaty-Based Exemptions
  • T1135 – Foreign Income Verification Statement
  • T2002 – Election, or Revocation of an Election, Not to Be a Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation
  • T2054 – Election for a Capital Dividend Under Subsection 83(2)
  • T2055 – Election in respect of a Capital Gains Dividend Under Subsection 131(1)
  • AS15 – Alberta Resource Related Deductions
  • AS15Supp – Alberta resource profits
  • S12 – Resource-Related Deductions
  • S12Adjust – Resource adjustments
  • S12Profits – Resource profits
  • S308 – Newfoundland and Labrador Venture Capital Tax Credit
  • S31 – Investment Tax Credit – Corporations
  • S31Supp – Investment tax credit supplementary
  • S321 – PEI Corporate Investment Tax Credit
  • S388 – Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit
  • S392 – Manitoba Data Processing Centre Investment Tax Credit
  • S393 – Manitoba Nutrient Management Tax Credit
  • S402 – Saskatchewan Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit
  • S421 – British Columbia Mining Exploration Tax Credit
  • S422/T1196 – British Columbia Film and Television Tax Credit
  • S423/T1197 – British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit
  • S428 – British Columbia Training Tax Credit
  • S429 – British Columbia Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
  • S430 – British Columbia Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry Tax Credit
  • S504 – Ontario Resource Tax Credit and Ontario Additional Tax re Crown Royalties
  • S548 – Corporations Information Act Annual Return for Foreign Business Corporations
  • S394 – Manitoba Rental Housing Construction Tax Credit
  • S367 – New Brunswick Small Business Investor Tax Credit
  • S387 – Manitoba Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit
  • AS14 – Alberta Cumulative Eligible Capital Deduction
  • AS14Supp – Alberta Cumulative Eligible Capital Deduction, Supplemental Worksheet
  • AS17 – Alberta Reserves
  • AS2 – Alberta Income Allocation Factor
  • AS4 – Alberta Foreign Investment Income Tax Credit
  • S303 – Newfoundland and Labrador Direct Equity Tax Credit
  • S384 – Manitoba Co-op Education and Apprenticeship Tax Credit
  • S394 – Manitoba Rental Housing Construction Tax Credit


June 13, 2019


Click on the new QuickBar button or hotkey CTRL-ALT-S (PC) or CTRL-OPTION-S (Mac) to launch the quick navigation bar. Type in forms and actions to quickly navigate to that area in Pro Tax.


Some search terms to try:

  • – Switch to spouse (T1)
  • – Go to workpapers (T2)
  • – Email client
  • – Go to form


New look and feel
Buttons and layout have been redesigned in a beautiful interface.


Easy access to support
New Pro Tax support menu displays quick links to in-person, online, and email support.


May 29, 2019


Create clients in Pro Tax T2
Use the + Add new button when creating a return to add a client into Pro Tax T2. Clients can be created without a QuickBooks Online subscription, and are then saved to the QuickBooks Online Accountant client list. 


May 9, 2019


New Alberta corporate filing workflow
Returns remain unlocked until both provincial and federal components are filed. 


May 2, 2019


T2 GIFI import
Upload GIFI files into Pro Tax T2 and instantly map your client’s data to the S100 and S125.


24 new T2 forms

  • S10 – Cumulative Eligible Capital Deduction
  • S21 – Federal and Provincial or Territorial Foreign Income Tax Credits and Federal Logging Tax Credit
  • S21P – Provincial or territorial foreign tax credits
  • S25 – Investment in Foreign Affiliates
  • S27 – Calculation of Canadian Manufacturing and Processing Profits Deduction
  • S28 – Election not to be an Associated Corporation
  • S44 – Non-Arm’s Length Transactions
  • T1131 (S47) – Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
  • S71 – Income Inclusion for Corporations That Are Members of Single-tier Partnerships
  • S72 – Income Inclusion for Corporations That Are Members of Multi-tier Partnerships
  • S54 – Low Rate Income Pool (LRIP) Calculation
  • S54Supp – Worksheet for amalgamation and wind-up adjustments
  • S73 – Income Inclusion Summary for Corporations that are Members of Partnerships
  • T1177 (S48) – Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit
  • S502 – Ontario Tax Credit for Manufacturing and Processing
  • S506 – Ontario Transitional Tax Debits and Credits
  • S511 – Ontario Corporate Minimum Tax – Total Assets and Revenue for Associated Corporations
  • S525 – Ontario Political Contributions Tax Credit
  • S554 – Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit
  • S556 – Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit
  • S558 – Ontario Production Services Tax Credit
  • S560 – Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
  • S562 – Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit
  • S563 – Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit


April 4 , 2019


Performance enhancements
Pro Tax forms and workflows now load significantly faster.


T1 Summary
View a consolidated summary of the T1 return. Toggle blank fields for a compact view.


New T1 forms added





Student Loan




New T2 forms added




March 20 , 2019


New T1 forms added
Schedule 3 – Capital Gains (or Losses)

Schedule 4 – Statement of investment income, carrying charges, and interest expenses

Schedule 7 – RRSP and PRPP Unused Contributions, Transfers, and HBP or LLP Activities – Common to all

Schedule 9 – Donations and Gifts


New T2 forms added

RACDetails Related and Associated Corporations worksheet

RACSummary Related and Associated Corporations summary

S9 Related and Associated Corporations


S23 Agreement Among Associated CCPCs to Allocate the Business Limit

S13 Continuity of Reserves

S140 Income Statement Information (multiple S125)

S15 Deferred Income Plans

S5 Tax Calculation Supplementary – Corporations

S510 Ontario Corporate Minimum Tax

S550 Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit

S552 Ontario Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit



T2 Pro Tax to Pro Tax Carryforward

Carry forward a client’s prior year corporate tax return in Pro Tax T2.


Update: T2 forms

Two new sections are added in T2 to calculate “dividend refund” and “refundable dividend tax on hand (RDTOH)” for tax years that begin after 2018, reflecting 2018 Federal Budget changes.

For tax years that begin after 2018 the two new balances (eligible RDTOH and the non-eligible RDTOH, respectively) will replace the existing RDTOH balance. Similarly, the dividend refund now consists of eligible dividend refund and non-eligible refund after 2018.


Update: Schedule 3 – Dividends Received, Taxable Dividends Paid, and Part IV Tax Calculations

Part 1 to Part 3 of the Schedule 3 are updated to reflect the 2018 Federal Budget changes on RDTOH and dividend refund tax rules applicable to tax years that begin after 2018.


March 6, 2019


T1 Auto-fill-my-return (AFR)
Populate current year data direct from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Please note that Pro Tax does not support all AFR populated forms. A complete list of supported T1 forms can be found here.


T1 Express Notice of Assessment (ENOA)
Get an expedited notice of assessment within twenty-four hours or less of submitting a return.


T2 Form Updates: Capital Cost Allowance
Schedule 8 and AS13 (Alberta) have been updated to include the Accelerated Investment Incentive presented during the 2018 Federal Fall Economic Statement. This incentive will provide deduction up to three times the amount of tax depreciation that would otherwise apply.


T2 Form Updates: Ontario – Schedule 500 – Ontario Corporation Tax Calculation
On November 15, 2018, Ontario’s Minister of Finance presented the 2018 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review. Ontario will not parallel the 2018 Federal budget measure that phases out the $500,000 small business deduction limit for CCPCs that earn between $50,000 and $150,000 of passive investment income in a taxation year, for taxation years beginning after 2018. In Schedule 500, Ontario small business deduction calculation has been updated to reflect this change.


Form requests
Ability to request new forms for T1 and T2. Missing a form? Easily let us know.


Return Actions Menu
Easily access your return summary, efile and other actions from the the new menu.


Bug fixes:
Preparer info in T1 info section removed
Other various T1 and T2 bugs


February 18, 2019


Pro Tax T1 (beta) launch
Prepare and EFILE T1 returns in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Available features:

76 commonly used Personal Tax forms (See the list)

Spousal returns

Calculations powered by ProFile

Built-in Auditor

EFILE and T183

T183 – EFILE authorization & CRA certified

T1013 E-filing


Return List  Search and Filter

September 24, 2018


Pro Tax T2 in QuickBooks Online Accountant
File common T2 returns directly from QuickBooks. File faster online with books-to-tax all in one place.
– Mac or PC
– Built-in auditor and e-file
– Encrypted with daily backups
– Calculations powered by ProFile

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