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QuickBooks Team

Can’t connect bank feed for OCBC

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, Steven1985.


I would love to help you, but I just need some information about your concern. Could you please provide more details regarding the outcome after connecting your bank account? Did you receive any error messages? Also, are you using an OCBC Business Banking account?


Any additional info or a screenshot of the interface will be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your reply. Have a good one!

Level 2

Can’t connect bank feed for OCBC

Don't bother Steven, it's still not fixed and don't bother replying to support/help as you can see it's a year and half old now. They don't help at all. If you can get out, move on to another system that works with OCBC

Level 2

Can’t connect bank feed for OCBC

Logged in just to reply, TLDR 


Don't bother, the support team will give you canned replies and the questions they ask is to lead you on a wild goose chase.


Look elsewhere if you need reliable bank linking.