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GST tax rate

GST will be raised from 7% to 8% with effect form 1 Jan 2023, May i know in quickbook online will be auto change rate or need to new to create a new rate.

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QuickBooks Team

GST tax rate

Thank you for posting here and confirming this with us, @Chipndale.


You’re correct about creating new tax rates in your QuickBooks Online (QBO). You must manually update your recurring transaction in QuickBooks and the GST rate. With this, you’ll need to add a new tax rate to QuickBooks. Beforehand, please take notice of the following reminders before proceeding:


  • Unless you update the transaction and specifically choose a different GST rate, existing transactions that utilized the former rate remain unchanged.
  • New transactions made using recurring templates that use the modified component are subject to the new rate. The earlier rate and transactions already completed using the template are unaffected.
  • The revised rate will be available for new transactions entered after the Effective Date.
  • The old rate applies to any new transactions you initiate that are dated before the designated Effective Date.
  • The new rate is applied to new transactions created with dates in the past.


To proceed with creating a new rate, you can follow the steps below:


  1. From the left navigation pane, select the Taxes menu.
  2. Click the Add tax button and choose Tax rate.
  3. Fill in the necessary information and press Save.


Afterwards, you can manually change the recurring transaction. To learn more about recurring transactions, please visit this article: Edit a recurring template. Also, please remember that when you run reports, data for both rates will still show if transactions are created for a particular period.


Let me know if you have more questions regarding GST in QBO. I’m just a post away to get your answered. Have a good one!

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GST tax rate


Can someone help to check on my gst rates, I have two times same gst rates under the gst liability report, suppose to combine them into one rate only right?

QuickBooks Team

GST tax rate

Hi there, Starry.


I can see that the same question about GST rates was also asked in a separate thread. Let me share this link so you can follow the steps and read the response from one of the members of the QuickBooks Team:


The Community is always here if you need anything else.