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Company address updated but invoice still print the old address.

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Company address updated but invoice still print the old address.

I'm here to help you with updating your company address, @beatrice-goh.


The company address change will only be applied to newly created invoices. If you're printing those previously created invoices, you may need to change them manually.


First, let's ensure the company address is updated on your Account and Settings page as well as the template.


Here's how to review the address in the Account and Settings:


  1. Go to the Gear icon, then select Account and Settings.
  2. Pick Company from the left panel.
  3. Select the Address pencil icon and update the Company address.
  4. Click Done.

If you've already customised your invoice template, make sure to select it as default. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon, then select Custom Form Styles.
  2. Locate the invoice template you’ve customised.
  3. In the Action column, choose Make default from the Edit drop-down.

To manually change the template used for older invoices, here's how:


  1. Select Sales in the left navigation panel, choose Customers.
  2. Locate the customer you need, and open the invoice you need.
  3. Click Customise at the bottom of your screen, and put a checkmark in the template you want to use.
  4. Then, select the Print or Preview button.

For other basic setup and access updates, you may also check this helpful article: Get to know your Home Dashboard.


That should do it. Your new address should now show in your invoices.


Let me know if you have other questions about updating your company's information. I want to help however I can.