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How can we add more column on invoice template for Quickbooks Enterprise?

Thanks for the additional details, northsourcing.


QuickBooks Desktop automatically calculates the digits you entered in the QUANTITY and PRICE/RATE columns. Remember that the Quantity column also calculates the number of hours. 


Instead of adding columns, you can create an Overtime item. You can set it up as Service or Non-inventory type.

  1. Click Lists at the top menu and select Item List.
  2. Right-click on any of the items and and select New.
  3. Select Service or Non-inventory in the TYPE field.
  4. Enter the name of the overtime item.
  5. Enter the Rate, Tax Code, and the Account if necessary.
  6. Click OK.

Every time you create an invoice or other sales transactions, you can add the overtime item manually. You can also ask your accountant if they have another option to achieve what you want.


Let me know if you need additional assistance about the steps. Have a great day!

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How can we add more column on invoice template for Quickbooks Enterprise?

None of the QuickBooks editions do the kinds of calculations you are asking for. To do those, you need a 3rd-party calculation add-on; either FormCalc SST for QuickBooks, or CCRQInvoice. (Use Google to find their Web sites--both offer a free trial.) I work with FormCalc SST for QuickBooks.


The calculation you want to do requires a different setup than you might think, because QuickBooks forms *always* maintains this relationship: Price * Quantity = Amount. What you have to do to work around this requirement is:


(1) Make these columns which you mentioned be custom columns (defined in the Item list): Price, OT, and OT Price. (Note that Price *will not* be the Sales Price associated with an Item. Instead, you must put the Item's price--which I assume is a labor rate per hour--in a custom field; one named Price, for instance, associated with each Item.


(2) You may make Hours be the Quantity field.


(3) You won't be making any entries in QuickBooks' Rate or Price field; in fact, it will need to be hidden on printed versions of the form because it will contain a wierd looking amount when the calculations are completed.


(4) Use FormCalc SST or CCRQInvoice to do that calculations you want, putting the $$$ result in the Total column on each row. Because of the Price * Quantity = Amount (Total in your case) relationship, when the calculated Total gets assigned to that field, QuickBooks will then automatically recalculate the Rate or Price field as: Total / Quantity, which in this case is Total / Hours. But because Hours does not include OT hours, this results in the Rate or Price field containing a wierd amount as I mentioned above....which is why that field will need to be hidden on copies you provide to customers.


This really is simpler than it sounds, once you understand about QuickBooks' Price * Quantity = Amount requirement.

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How can we add more column on invoice template for Quickbooks Enterprise?

Taking advantage of this topic..


There is any way to create a calculated formula column? I need to calculate the volume of each item in a formula kind of excel (IF) cause Quantity mix the cases and lb in the same column.  So I need to calculate when is lb and when is the case (multiply by lb/case)...


thank you so much for your help.


How can we add more column on invoice template for Quickbooks Enterprise?

Thanks for joining the thread, @Aar0nBr,


I want to make sure you get the accurate answer to your concern. Can you tell us what version of QuickBooks are you using? Is it the Desktop or the Online software?


If you're referring to the downloaded version on your PC, there is currently no option to create columns with calculated formula. The columns in QuickBooks reports and templates are pre-created based on the data generated from it's source transactions.


This is, however, a great idea to add in the program. I'll make sure this is relayed to our Development Team. In the meantime, you can do this outside the program using Excel or other third-party invoicing applications. Visit our app store to find the best tool for you.


We also have a separate forum for Intuit Developers where you can find engineers who can help suggest third-party apps and program integrations. Here's the link to the website: Intuit Developers Community.


Please add an update here on how things go. I'll be right here if you need further help. Have a good one!