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How to add signature to invoice?

Hello all,

I want to insert my signature and my company seal to the invoice, preferably at the bottom of the invoice page. 

I am using quickbooks online global version. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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How to add signature to invoice?

Hi, I'm sorry you are having this issue, I have a suggestion for you, if you would like to try. 

You may want to  add your seal in the place of your logo. And Ive found an app called Invoice Tracker by eBillity, it has a feature to add your signature and logo, you may want to give it a try, just go to this app can be connected to QuickBooks Desktop  or Online, hope this helps. 

kind Regards !


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How to add signature to invoice?

I created an image of my signature and inserted that into a customized invoice.

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How to add signature to invoice?

Hi Susan, can you inform us how you did this?  


How to add signature to invoice?

Hello, AY2029.


Susan's reply is almost a year old. They might not be able to get back to this thread. However, I'm more than happy to show you how to insert a signature. 


One way to do this is to insert the signature through the Attachments section. On the invoice creation screen, simply click on the Attachments box, then add your signature image from there. 




Another way to do this is to use an imported custom form style. You would create a template through MS Word, then you can insert images including your signature from there. Before doing this, make sure the Import style feature is turned on:


  1. Click the Gear icon, then choose QuickBooks labs
  2. Scroll down, then toggle the Import Style feature to on.
  3. Click Done




I highly recommend reading this article for a guide on how to do this: Import custom form styles for invoices or estimates


Need help creating invoices for your customers after creating a template? You can check this article for the steps: Create invoices in QuickBooks Online


You can also read other articles from our Help Articles page. Feel free to browse a topic then look for an article of your choice. 


I'd be more than glad to offer assistance again if you have troubles accomplishing your tasks in QuickBooks Online. 

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How to add signature to invoice?


You may need an additional app to do so. You may also ask the countersign by system if required.