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How to set up client workstation? Client station can not locate database.

I setup a network environment successfully and ping both server and client computers . Then shared the data folder located in publicdocuments/intuit/quickbooks pos but still point of sale v11 searches automaticly the network and come up with nothing. 

Also there's no option for me to specifiy the location manually .

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Great start of making sure the folder is shared, Sohailam...

Great start of making sure the folder is shared, Sohailamiri50.

Now let’s check if your Windows firewall is not blocking connection between client’s computer and the server.

Then don’t forget to switch the server to Multi User mode. You can follow step 4 from this article about setting up multi user for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

You can also check this article for more information about troubleshoot multi user issues in Point of Sale.

Don't hesitate to fill me in if you need anything else.