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Level 2

Cash Transaction from Ship Company to the Master on the ship

Dear Advisors,

I am very new for  QBO btw I want to record correctly and clearly so I have many questions. Please understand me. Here is small ship agency so sometimes the Ship company(Ship Owner) sends money to our bank and we withdraw it as cash and delivery to the master on the ship when the ship is anchor in harbor. We receive only 200-300 delivery fee and the others are all their own money. For example, Ship owner sends 5,000USD + 100USD, we deliver to the master(captain) 5,000 on behalf of the Ship Company and we receive 100 for handling charge. In this case, it is not our revenue at all. So I want to just record for the cash as bypass (not our income/revenue) and then only I want to record the dlvy fee as an other income at our end. Which category for this bypass cash is correct one? Please advise the account type and detail type. Will be highly appreciated it.