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Restricting User's Content



I am new to quickbooks online, I would like to know whether is it possible to restrict standard users from being able to see certain details for example the cost of the products.


Appreciate the help I could get.

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QuickBooks Team

Restricting User's Content

We can give limited access to a Standard user, strawberri. 


For Standard Users we can give them All, None, Limited (Customer or Vendor) access only. We're unable to specify which part of the customer or vendor information they can view or access. You can look into what the user can and can't do in our books. 


I'll show you how: 

  1. Go to the Gear icon and click Manage users
  2. Click the Add user at the upper-right. 
  3. Select the Limited option and click Customer/Vendors and at the right part you'll see what they can and can't do. 

You can also refer to this article to know more about our type of users you can add and what they can do. To keep track of your user activities you can use the Audit Log report.


I'll be here if you need more help. Take care always!