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Connect QBO to Hike

We would like to connect QBO to my POS which is Hike. However, we have been using QBO for awhile. Is it easier if start a new account? So if we start a new account, can I still view my old QBO transaction? I would need your advice on this.

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Connect QBO to Hike

Hello, Caris. 


I'll definitely lay down some options and details to help you decide on taking care of your QuickBooks Online data for the Hike POS program. 


You don't have to set up a new subscription to connect your QuickBooks Online to the Hike POS program. It's easier to just use your existing account, so you can consolidate your existing data with the new ones from the POS program. 


However if you decide to cancel your account and start a new one instead, your old QBO transactions can still be viewed and exported one year from the cancellation date. After that, the data will be completely removed from the system. 


You can use the export features in QuickBooks to save your data. Check out this article for options: Export Data out of QuickBooks Online


Alternatively if your account is less than 90 days old, you can simply start all over again by purging your data: Delete your data and start over in QuickBooks Online.


Do you need to check your data after syncing Hike with QuickBooks? Check out this article to help you run an effective report: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


I'm happy to share other details about QuickBooks Online. Just let me know what you need to achieve, and I'll get back to this thread to help you out. 

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Connect QBO to Hike


Do you mean this POS system?