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Is there a limit to the inventory items that we can create

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QuickBooks Team

Is there a limit to the inventory items that we can create

Hi there, @HPTT. I am happy to share some details about the number of products you can add to your QuickBooks subscription. 


You will be happy to know that there's no storage limit for products you'd want to add, attachments, and other selected data. With that said, it's unlimited storage. However, a large number of items may lead to performance issues. 


In addition, I've got you this article in case you'd track a product or service in your QBO account: Set up and track your inventory in QuickBooks Online.


You may want to run a report to view helpful information on things and the status of your inventory. This article will help show you which reports are running depending on what kind of info you want to see: Use reports to see your sales and inventory status


Let me know if you need further assistance managing your inventory in QuickBooks. You can also click the REPLY button below if you have any additional QuickBooks-related concerns. I'll be more than happy to help you out again. Take care!

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Is there a limit to the inventory items that we can create

Thanks LollyNino,

for your quick reply.

Can I clarify:

1) It seems the price rule function is not available in the Singapore Version of QBO Plus.

2) We have about 22,000 inventory items selling in SGD. However, we also sell in MYR, and the 

workaround is to duplicate these inventory items to assign a MYR Price.

So, would a figure of about 50,000 inventory items be too much and slow down the system noticeably ?




Is there a limit to the inventory items that we can create

Thanks for coming back to our forum and updating us about your concern, @HPTT.


I can share some more insights with you about this topic. Yes, at the moment price rules is not yet available in Singapore versions of QuickBooks. If you need to use different prices for customers, you'll need to manually edit the price on the invoices for now.


The performance of your QuickBooks account is not affected by the number of lists you add to your products and services. You can check this link to learn what causes QBO to perform poorly:  Why is my QuickBooks Online slow?


Please come back here if you need further insights about the program features. I'll be right here to help you out.