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Journal Entries - Accrued Revenue

I have created a journal entry to recognize accrued revenue at year end, how can I get this journal entry to show up in the transaction list under the Customer account? I have selected the Customer in question under the Name column, but this journal entry does not appear in the transaction list.


What can be done?

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QuickBooks Team

Journal Entries - Accrued Revenue

Thanks for dropping by the Community, ilyazman.


I'll guide you on the right direction on how to show the journal entry in the customer's transaction list.

The accounts used on the journal entry will affect how it’s tracked in QuickBooks. You’ll have to use the accounts receivable for the entry to show in the customer’s transaction list.

If you’re unsure of the category type, I suggest consulting with an accountant. They can recommend the specific account to use in the Debits and Credits column. Once the information is available, you can now create a journal entry.

Let me share a link that will guide you on how to produce accurate financial statements. It tackles how to use debit and credit on the entry. Tap here to access the article.

Please post again or leave a comment if you have any other concerns. I'm always here to answer them. Wishing your business continued success.