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Mobile Payments items in GoPayment app FAQs

Know the basics of adding items in your Mobile Payment account and syncing them to your GoPayment app.


About Mobile Payment items
  • Mobile Payments accounts Admins and Assistant managers can create and delete items and assign them to categories. They can also create categories and assign items to a list of favorites for easy access.
  • Items are stored in the "cloud" and Admins and Assistant Managers can sync items and categories from the cloud down to other users/devices with the same account. Assistant Managers and Associates can only sync items and categories down from the cloud.
  • For merchants with a QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale account that also includes Mobile Payments processing, the Point of Sale items can also be integrated with you Mobile Payments account.


Is the item list stored in the mobile device or is it associated to the Mobile Payments user?

Items are stored in the "cloud" and can be synced to other devices/users on the same account. Only Admins and Managers can add and delete items and categories and sync them to other devices. If you are an Assistant Manager or Associate, you can only sync items down to your own device.

Who can add and delete items and categories?

Only Admins and Managers can add or delete items and categories. All others (Assistant Managers and Associates) will not see the Manage Items icon on the Home page and can only view items and add them to orders.

Will I lose my item list if I reinstall the GoPayment app?

No, you can sync the items in the cloud if you re-install the GoPayment app.

How many items can I add in my Mobile Payments account?

Our systems can store an unlimited number of items in the Mobile Payments account. However, the number of items displayed on a device is only limited by the amount of memory the GoPayment app has available.

Note: Even though a device may have a certain amount of memory, the GoPayment app may be limited as to how much of that memory it can use.

Does the Mobile Payments item list interact with QuickBooks?

The Mobile Payments inventory items will only integrate with a compatible version of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (POS) that is also part of a POS payments account. It will n't integrate with regular QuickBooks financial software (e.g. Pro, Premier or Enterprise).

Can I sort the items list on my mobile device?

You cannot sort items, but you can assign them to categories or to your list of favorites.

Can Mobile Payments items be exported?

No, but they can be synced to other devices/users via the cloud.

Can I leave the item price blank and filled in when selling that item?

You can create an item with a zero price amount, but you can't change this when you are checking out the order.

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