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How to update your subscription and billing details

Do you need to make changes to your QuickBooks Online subscription? Manage your company details, view your subscription details, update your credit card, make changes to your billing information, or even cancel your subscription, all from within your account.

To access your billing information page:
  • Select the Gear icon in the toolbar,
  • Select Account and settings, then Billing & Subscription.
In the Company section you can view and edit the following info about your business :
  • Company name
  • Company type
  • Contact info
  • Address
  • Communications with Intuit
In the Billing & Subscription section, you'll be able to:
  • View Company ID number.
  • View your subscription information including products you are subscribed to and subscription status.
  • View payment information (Billing frequency, Date you'll be charged, Payment history)
You will also be able to : 
Tip: If you can't access or change this information, please contact your company's primary administrator to change your user access rights.

We encourage you to visit each section of the Account and Settings page to enable the features that apply to your business. When you're done, review your settings and select the X in the toolbar to return to your QuickBooks Online session.

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