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How to change the invoice number on sales forms

Learn how to use the Custom transaction numbers feature to set your own numbering preference. This feature is activated by default. If you do not want QuickBooks to automatically assign numbers to your sales forms, you can turn off this feature.

Set your own numbering preference

Use the Custom transaction numbers feature to set your own numbering preference. This adds an Invoice no. field where you can enter any number or letter format you want.

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Account and settings.
  2. Select Sales, then select anywhere within the Sales form content section.
  3. Turn on Custom transaction numbers.
  4. Select Save, then select Done.
  5. Go to Sales and select Invoices.
  6. Open an invoice or any sales form and select Edit invoice or select Create invoice to create a new invoice.
  7. In the Invoice no. field, enter the custom number or letter sequence you want to use for your forms. The sequence you set here applies to all sales forms.
  8. Select Save or Save and close.

Note: Once you have set up your custom invoice numbering, turn off the Custom transaction numbers feature. This will help prevent accidental changes to your numbering. Turning this feature off only means the Invoice no. field is hidden from your sales form. Invoice numbers are still printed for your customers.

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