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I want to move my company from US online to quickbooks online out side the US

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QuickBooks Team

I want to move my company from US online to quickbooks online out side the US

I'll help you move your US company to a non-US company in QuickBooks Online, palm.  


Thank you for choosing QuickBooks as your accounting software! One of the great features of QuickBooks is the ability to export your data to Excel. With this feature, you can export multiple reports and lists into individual Excel files in a single zip file, which can be done in just one step. This makes managing and organizing your Excel data easy without manually entering it all. 

To export your report or list, here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Export data.
  3. On the Reports tab, set the date range.
  4. Add or remove items from the Reports and Lists tabs by turning the switch on or off.
  5. Click Export to Excel.


To Export non-posting transactions and attachments, refer to this article for more detailed steps: Export reports, lists, and other data from QuickBooks Online


Once all the transactions are exported, you can cancel your QBO US account and subscribe to International QuickBooks Online. Go to this link and look for your region or Country to sign up:


For complete guidelines about signing up for a new account, please refer to the steps below:


  1. Choose your country from the link provided above.
  2. Then, select your preferred subscription. 
  3. From the account creation window, enter your Email addressFirst and Last nameMobile number, and Password
  4. Confirm your password to finish.


Then you can import your data to your Non-US QuickBooks Account. To import your data into QuickBooks Online, here's how:


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  2. Go to Gear icon and select Import data.
  3. Select the data you wish to import. 


Note: Once you have selected a data type, you can select Download a sample file. This will help you in formatting your data correctly. 


To ensure that your data is imported accurately, following a specific order while importing Excel spreadsheets is essential. Please import each spreadsheet in the following order:


  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Customer
  3. Suppliers
  4. Products and services
  5. Invoices
  6. Bills


You can refer to this article for more detailed processes: Import data from other software into QuickBooks Online


Afterward, you can begin working with your company file by referring to this article. This guide will lead you through getting started with QuickBooks Online


If there's anything else, you'd like us to help you with. Feel free to comment below or post here in the Community space once again. We've got your back, and we'll gladly assist you in sorting your queries on time. Take care, and have a nice day!

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I want to move my company from US online to quickbooks online out side the US

Where is your company located? You can purchase a 3rd party conversion service.