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Import products and services

I am trying to import my products using exel.


All my products are non inventory but on importing using the file, it still shows me an error of category and still asks me to enter quantity.


This becomes a very tedious process when you have more than 1500 products to import.


Please help me resolve this issue

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QuickBooks Team

Import products and services

Hi Monex!


I understand that you need to import your products into QuickBooks Online. Let me help you!


You'll want to review your Excel file. Please note that QuickBooks Online only reads and assesses the data based on what was in the file.


Open the file and make sure you entered "Noninventory" under the Type column. If there is a Quantity on Hand column, set it to zero. You can also delete all columns related to inventory except for the Type so that the system won't assume that it is an inventory item.


Please check this article for your reference on how to import products: Import products and services into QuickBooks Online.


Not only products and services but you can also import other data in QuickBooks. Check it here: Common questions about importing data.


Comment below if you need anything else. I'll be here!