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Where do i get account number to complete my double entry. i am trying to import my cheque payments from excel

the credit goes to the default bank account number.  I cant see the column for debits to complete double entry
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QuickBooks Team

Where do i get account number to complete my double entry. i am trying to import my cheque payments from excel

We've got your back, Alex.


Before digging deeper into your concern, please know your CSV format matters and will affect your experience when trying to get them inside the program. It may be why you don't see the Debit column inside your file. Also, QuickBooks Online (QBO) only accepts specific formatting when importing cheques or bank transactions, and you can choose to import a three-column format or a four-column format CSV file. For more details, feel free to check this page: Format CSV files in Excel to get bank transactions into QuickBooks.


Another thing to note is that when importing files inside the program, it'll never ask for the account number of the transactions you're trying to enter. To ensure we're providing you with the information you need, can you tell us more about the account number you're trying to locate? Are you referring to the account number of the bank account in your Chart of accounts? Or the number assigned to those transactions? If you're referring to the Chart of Accounts, you can see the numbers if you've enabled the option in your Accounts and settings. Feel free to visit this article: Use account numbers in your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online.


In case you're referring to the numbers assigned to those transactions, you may want to reach out your bank so they can provide you the details that you need and complete your double entry inside the program.


Additionally, we recommend checking these articles to learn more about what files you can get into the program and help you generate a report to check if your data stays accurate:



Alex, it's been a pleasure to have you here today. Feel free to comment below if you have any additional queries so we can respond right away. Stay safe, and have a good one.