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Can I have more than 1 accounts receivable acct?

I renamed Accounts Receivable to Outstanding Loans and created a new Accounts Receivable account. However, new transactions like sales, which are not related to loans, are also getting posted to Outstanding Loans.
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QuickBooks Team

Can I have more than 1 accounts receivable acct?



I'll show you how default accounts work in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Yes, you can create multiple Accounts Receivable but QBO only uses a default built-in Accounts Receivable even if you have to edit its name.


When you rename an account in QuickBooks Online, it doesn't change the account's posting location. For instance, if you've renamed your account to Outstanding Loans, QuickBooks will still recognize it as the default accounts receivable account that was automatically created when you first set up your company.


However, I still encourage seeking help with your accountant. He/she could guide you which option to take based on your recording practice and business needs.


I've added this article to learn more about the default account: Manage default and special accounts in your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts.


Moreover, if you want to group or divide your open receivables, you'll find the steps here: How to group Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable account types.


You can always reply if you have any other concerns or assistance regarding default accounts in QuickBooks Online. We're always here to assist whenever you need help. Have a good one.