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Can we use adjust quantity option in quickbook ?

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QuickBooks Team

Can we use adjust quantity option in quickbook ?

Hello, accounts-docmeso.


Yes, you can use the adjust quantity option in QuickBooks. I'll show you some steps on how you can use the option: 


  1. Click the + New button, then select Inventory qty adjustment.
  2. Set the Adjustment date
  3. Select the adjustment account under Inventory adjustment account.
  4. Add the products under the Product table. 
  5. Set a new quantity for the items you want to adjust.
  6. Add a memo if needed, then click Save and close




Also if you're unsure what accounts to select for the adjustment account, you'll want to contact an accountant. They can help you with the adjustments and ensure your books and inventory assets are correct. 


If you need more details about the quantity adjustment feature, you can read this article: Adjust inventory quantity on hand in QuickBooks Online.


Need to make your sales after adjusting your quantities? Check out this article if you need help creating an invoice: Create invoices in QuickBooks Online.


Would you like to learn more about other inventory options or features in QuickBooks? Please let me know what you need to do, and I'll definitely help you out.