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Change sub-customers into Projects

Learn how to use Projects instead of sub-customers in QuickBooks Online Plus.

You might use sub-customers to track your projects and job costs.

Now you can use Projects to track job costs and keep everything in one place. To switch over, you can change your sub-customers into Projects. Here's how to convert entire sub-customers, or move only specific transactions.

Change your sub-customers

Step 1: Turn on Projects

If you haven't already, turn on the Projects feature.

Step 2: Review your sub-customer account settings

Before you change a sub-customer to a Project, adjust these settings.

  1. Go to the Sales menu. Then select the Customers tab.
  2. Find and open the sub-customer. If it's inactive, select Make Active.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Make sure you select the Is sub-customer checkbox.
  5. Review and select the main customer. This is the account that's connected to the project.
  6. Select Bill with parent from the drop-down menu.

    Important: Make sure the sub-customer is connected to only one main, parent customer.

    Here's an example.
    Before you can convert Geeta K into a Project, you need to make it a sub-customer of Freeman Sporting Goods. Right now, it's a sub-customer of 55 Twin Lane.

    Go to the Sales menu and then the Customers tab. Open Geeta's account and select Edit. From the sub-customer drop-down menu, select Freeman Sporting Goods.

    Also make sure your sub-customer doesn't have sub-customers of its own. Before you can convert 55 Twin Lane into a project, you need to remove Geeta K as a sub-customer.

    Open Geeta's profile and select Edit. Select the Is sub-customer box to uncheck it. If there are more sub-customers, remove them as well.

    Step 3: Convert your sub-customer

    You have a couple of options:

    • You can create a new project from a sub-customer. This wipes the slate clean. Your existing sub-customer transactions won't transfer over.
    • You can merge a sub-customer with an existing project if you already started one. Your existing sub-customer transactions will transfer over.


    Create a new project from a sub-customer

    1. Select the Sales menu and then the Customers tab.
    2. Look for the Do you organise sub-customers as projects? message above your customer list. Select the Convert now link.
    3. Select the sub-customers you want to convert.
    4. When you're ready, select Convert and then Continue to confirm. Remember, your transactions won't transfer over.

    This creates a brand new project. Now you can go to the Projects menu to start working on it.

    Merge a sub-customer with an existing Project

    1. Select the Projects menu.
    2. Find the project you want to merge your sub-customer with.
    3. Copy the name of the project.
    4. Go to the Sales menu. Then select the Customers tab.
    5. Find and open the sub-customer.
    6. Select Edit.
    7. In the edit window, change the Display name to the project name. It needs to match the project name exactly.
    8. When you're ready, select Save and Yes to confirm the merge.

    Note: Your sub-customer info such as addresses, tax code, and payment and billing info won't transfer over to the project.

    This moves your sub-customer transactions into your Project.

    Move specific transactions to a Project

    Follow "Step 4: Add existing expenses and timesheets" and "Step 5: Add existing invoices and estimates" in the main Projects article.

    You can use these steps to add any transaction to a Project.

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