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create invoice

When i create an invoice throught an API, its returning LinkedTxn.TxnType as "Payment" for some invoices. But it's not happening earlier invoices. Because of this, the payment is happening with out my intervention. I would like to know what are the cases automatically returns LinkedTxn.

QuickBooks Team

create invoice

I'll guide you to our Intuit Developer's page, @Satish Kumar Yenugu.


This is where you can post questions related to API and linked transactions. Please visit our site to post.


After posting, you might also want to check out this link to learn more about managing linked transactions.


I'm always here if you have questions with QuickBooks or invoices. Just drop them in the reply section below. Thanks for swinging by the Community today and have a good one.



Level 1

create invoice

Sure @ShiellaGraceA . Thank for your  reply.