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Customer Credit terms, Credit HOLD function

Using QBDT, I am looking for a way to enforce my credit terms better. Is there a way to warn the person invoicing of the fact that the customer has exceeded it credit limit, a way to place the account on Credit Hold?  I have seen the option to turn on "do not sell to past due customers" but this is too agressive and simply doesn't allow you to start an invoice for the customer.  I would prefer to see a warning that could be overridden.  Any other suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team

Customer Credit terms, Credit HOLD function

Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea, @ReneeSchultz.


Currently, the option to be notified when your customer exceeded their credit limit isn’t possible in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


As a workaround, you can consider looking for a third-party app that integrates well with QuickBooks and has the feature you need. To find one, you can go to the Apps Center inside your software and look for an app from there.


Additionally, you can contact our Merchant Support team for additional guidance. There, they can also share with you additional insights on what’s the best action to take regarding this.


Furthermore, I’ve also collected this article that you can use for future guidance in case you need to learn how to automatically record QuickBooks Payments bank deposits.


Keep me in the loop if you have any other concerns or questions about managing your customer payments. I’ll be around to help and assist you. Keep safe and stay well.