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How to cancel repeated descriptions from inventory assets

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QuickBooks Team

How to cancel repeated descriptions from inventory assets

Thanks for reaching out to the Community for your concern, 1620776184. I'd be glad to assist you in canceling repeated descriptions of your inventory assets.


I know how important it is to properly track the products or items in your inventory. To edit their description, follow these simple steps:


  1. On the right-hand menu, find Sales.
  2. Select Products and Services.
  3. Find the product and then select Edit from the dropdown arrow.
  4. Under Description, you can delete or edit the item's description.


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If you need to adjust an item's quantity without recording a purchase or sale, you can refer to this informative article: Adjust inventory quantity on hand in QuickBooks Online.


I'll be on the lookout for your updates and more follow-up queries on Inventory and any other QuickBooks-related matters. Stay safe.