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I can't see "New Style" to add a new Custom Form Style

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Hello there, sozlukce206, If you're looking into importin...

Hello there, sozlukce206,


If you're looking into importing your own custom form style, there's an extra step you need to do. Follow these:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select QuickBooks Labs.
  3. Toggle ON Import Style.
  4. Click Done to save.

Go back to Custom Form Styles page to see the Import style option under New style. Check this article to know more:


However, if you don't see the New style button, let's use a private window. This is to check if it's a browser-related issue. If it works on a private window, go back to the regular browser, and clear the cache to boost the browser's performance:

You may also use a different supported browser.


I'll be here if you need additional help.