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I need invoice summary sheet with all categories

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QuickBooks Team

I need invoice summary sheet with all categories

At this time, there isn't a report which shows transactions by category, info1668.


But the good news is you can run the Transaction Detail by Account. It shows transactions and total for each account in your Chart of Accounts.


Here's how to pull up the report:

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. On the Find report by name field, look for Transaction Detail by Account.
  3. On the report, click the Customize button.
  4. Click on Filter to expand the options.
  5. On the Transaction Type drop-down, select Invoice.
  6. In the Account drop-down, mark the accounts you'd like to view in the report.
  7. Click Run report.
  8. Once done, click the Report period drop-down and select This Calendar Year or This Fiscal Year.
  9. Click Run report.

Here's a link if you need to make some changes to the format: Customise reports. You can also export the report to Excel if you need to use it outside of QuickBooks.


Stay in touch with me if you need other reports. I'm always around to help you.