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On my sale invoice the logo and company address not coming when i am printing, i add new logo and again reset all the options but not worked.

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QuickBooks Team

I've got some steps we can try to print an invoice with a...

I've got some steps we can try to print an invoice with a logo and company address, info.

Aside from adding the logo on your invoice again, let's try updating Adobe Reader/Acrobat to the latest version. You can check out the Adobe website for the detailed instructions.

If you have the updated one, you can try repairing it to resolve most printing issues in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Here's how:

  1. Close Acrobat/Reader and all open web browser windows.
  2. Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Type Control Panel, then press Enter.
  4. Click Programs and Features.
  5. Choose Acrobat or Adobe Reader, then click Uninstall/Change.
  6. Click Next in the Setup dialog box.
  7. Choose Repair, then click Next.
  8. Choose Install.
  9. Click Finish.

Then, restart your computer and log back into your Online account to print an invoice again.

If the same thing happens, try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader. Just follow the steps in the How to uninstall Adobe Reader/Acrobat and How to re-install Acrobat Professional section in this article:

If the problem persists, I'd suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. They'll investigate what's causing this printing issue.

Here's how:

  1. Click Help on the top menu.
  2. Choose Contact us.
  3. Enter can't print logo and company address in the What can we help you with? field.
  4. Click Let's talk.
  5. Choose Start an email to connect with us.

I have a link here about fixing QBO printing issues on browsers for Windows:

Visit the Community if you need anything else with printing sales form. Just leave a comment below and I'll be sure to answer them.