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Level 3

Priority Circle Advertisement blocking Amount Received and Payment fields on Receive Payment Page

Way to kill the use of shortcuts and reduce productivity by pushing a repetitive advertisement that does not go away even after you click on it. 
If you are a semi-advanced user and are using shortcuts to [Save and Send] and [Send and New] on Receive Payment page, instead of clicking the mouse, every receive payment page you will open you will have a Priority Circle advertisement pop-up no matter if you have run one payment or are running 500 payments. 500 payments? It will pop up 500 times!!! Excellent user friendly (NOT!) advertisement that does not go away even after you have clicked on it. By the way, if you click on it and try to Register in futile hopes that it will make the pop-up go away, the Registration does not work. This is beyond frustrating. They know about it and they did not fix it before the 1st of the month. Sending feedback from QuickBooks Online of course goes to nowhere (no acknowledgement of receipt or update on when the issue will be fixed or if anyone will even ever read it). 
I cannot wait for bots to respond to this comment with solutions that aren't nearly related. What a frustrating experience overall. Will I ever recommend QuickBooks to anyone? No, I tell all the people who ask me to look elsewhere for a business solution. I'm also working hard on convincing the management to move away to another solution. 3-2-1 and go with unrelated unhelpful solutions! Can't wait to read your comments QBO "experts"!