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Track the status of your invoices in the QuickBooks Online app

When you go to your invoice list, you'll see that overdue invoices are listed first. This makes it easy to see who owes you. And that's important when you're trying to get paid.

Paid invoices: Paid in full.

Overdue invoices: Invoices with open balances and past their due dates (based on the terms you specified for the invoices).

Open invoices: Invoices with open balances. You can track the status of these invoices using the invoice tracker.

The invoice tracker shows you how your invoices are progressing, so you'll know if you need to follow up with any customers to get paid. To see the tracker:

  1. From the Menu ☰, select Invoices, then choose an invoice.
    • You'll see the tracker showing the status of the invoice.

What each status means

Sent: You emailed the invoice to your customer.

Delivery error: Your invoice was not sent. You can go to QuickBooks Online on the web for more info. These errors also appear in the feeds and invoice lists.

Viewed: Your customer viewed the invoice (if you use eInvoicing). This includes any CC and BCC recipients of the email.

Partially paid: Your customer made a partial payment (the amount paid and balance due are shown below the tracker).

Paid: Your customer paid the invoice in full (expect 2-3 days for this to deposit in your bank account).

Deposited: Your deposit should land in your bank a few business days after you were paid (Android only).

Pending: An empty circle shows the step is not complete (you may still need to send the invoice or follow up with the customer to get paid).

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